• Loft Trusses

    Loft Trusses

    The study site above the kitchen and the trusses here derive some of their support from the mezzanine balustrade to allow head height clearance between the trusses.

  • Lounge Trusses

    Lounge Trusses

    Looking from the lounge towards the kitchen with the timber and steel trusses overhead.

  • Master Bedroom Suite

    Master Bedroom Suite

    The roof framing is complete and the sheet metal roofing is being installed.

  • Lounge & Dining Trusses

    Lounge & Dining Trusses

    The lounge and dining trusses are a timber and steel composite, and their main function other than supporting the roof is to transfer the wind load on the tall south wall to the reinforced block bracing walls on the north. 

  • Master Bedroom Suite

    Master Bedroom Suite

    Master bedroom, en suite and private balcony sit above the open carport area, and are orientated towards a group of granite rocks west of the house site.

  • Framing First Floor

    Framing First Floor

    Framing is underway for the first floor walls, including the elevated link between the master bedroom and mezzanine study.